Thinking of buying?

Here are some questions and ideas to consider:

Why do you want to buy?

– Is this your first home? Have you outgrown your current home? Are you looking for an investment?

Make a list.

– Laying out a proper plan before beginning your search is crucial to finding your dream home. This will help you distinguish between necessities and wishes.

Money and Finances:

– Where is your downpayment coming from? Is it readily available? Have you met with a banker? Have you compared rates with a mortgage broker? Having some additional money for lawyer bill and miscellaneous moving expenses: ie: utility hook ups, paint, repairs, new furniture.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

– The first step in the home buying process is to obtain a mortgage preapproval from a bank or lender. This allows you to shop for a home without the risk of interest rate changes. The pre-approval also provides you with a purchase price for which you can shop. One of our mortgage brokers will help you acquire the pre-approval so you are confident you have the best product.

Present and future use:

– What are your needs one year, three years and beyond for this home? i.e. for starting a family will this home be sufficient? If this is your first home, would you like to keep this as a rental property when you move into a larger home?

Viewing homes:

– Finding a home is a joint effort with your agent and you as a buyer. The majority of homes for sale are on the MLS system, however there is the possibility of your dream home being available on a third party website or a family friend or co-worker. As a Realtor, I am capable and willing to help you with the purchase of any home.

Making an Official Offer:

– As your buying Realtor it is my job and responsibility to ensure that you are protected before, during and after the process.


– I am here to ensure the time between you removing conditions and moving into your home is not wasted, and come possession day you can open the door to your new home and enjoy.

Moving Day:

– You have enough things to worry about come moving day. I provide a 7’x7’x16′ enclosed trailer full of moving blankets, tie downs and furniture dolley free for your use on possession date and after.