Wanting to sell your home in or around Regina area?

Where to begin?
We are currently lucky to have a strong market in Saskatchewan. This where having a Realtor®, on your side will ensure you get every dollar possible while minimizing the stress this big decision can bring.

  1. Picking a Realtor®:
    – The first and usually most reliable place for this is friends, family and co-workers. Word of mouth is the most simple and effective way to hear of past experiences in Real Estate from people you know and trust.
    – Interviewing Realtors®. Just as an employer will interview job applicants, you should do the same when choosing a Realtor. Click here for a link of common questions to ask.
  2. Contract and Paperwork:
    – Once you have chosen a Realtor, it is important to build a plan that will meet your specific needs for you and your home.
    – Decide what you expect from your Realtor during your contract, and put this in writing.
    – Be certain of everything you are signing. As a Realtor, I know these forms inside and out and it is my job to make this clear.
  3. First week on the Market:
    – Let me explain how crucial these seven days are.
  4. Negotiating a deal:
    – A Realtor can help make sense of the buyer’s paperwork.